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Roasting Pigs

Roasting Pigs

We Put the Pig in Pig Roast

Pig roasts are special occasions, so you can count on WG Provisions for special care in supplying your roasting pig. We’re the leading harvester of premium corn-fed roasting pigs in the United States. Our USDA federally Inspected roasting pigs are specifically selected to ensure the consistently finest quality available. WG Provisions is located in Iowa, America’s leading pork producing state. Every pig comes from Midwest family farms where producers take great pride in raising the finest, most flavorful, safest pork in the world.


Impressive Flavor and Presentation

Our dressed pigs are perfect for the traditional Hawaiian luau, Asian/Hispanic/European barbecue, barbecuing on the grill, or roasting on the rotisserie. The skin is left on to help enhance product juiciness and to provide an impressive center piece presentation. The front and hind legs are tied up under the carcass prior to freezing, providing your chef a product suitable for roasting and serving.


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Available in Many Forms

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Our roasting pigs are available fresh or frozen, vacuum sealed (smaller pigs) or poly bagged and boxed or bulk packed in 10 lb. increments from 10 to 150 lbs. Customized programs are available upon request. We can also assist in making shipping arrangements for either domestic or export destinations for home use.


Easy Roast Pig Preparation Suggestions

// Convection Oven

For pigs 20-30 lbs, place on a baking sheet in 275°F oven for a minimum of four hours until hams and shoulders reach 165°F.

// Smoker

Smoke pigs less than 90 lbs for 5-6 hours and larger pigs for 12-14 hours. When hams and shoulders reach 165°F, the pig is done.

// Open Pit and Motorized Spit

Tie legs forward and secure pig to spit. Rotate pig for 4-6 hours until hams and shoulders reach 165°F.

// La Caja China Box

An efficient roasting application that cooks pigs 20-100 lbs in 5-6 hours. Place butterflied pig between 2 racks. Drop into La Caja China Box and cover with metal pan and light coals on top.



Packing Specifications

  • Individual Weight (lbs)
  • 10-20
  • 20-30
  • 30-40
  • 40 and up
  • Pack per Box
  • 3
  • 2
  • 2
  • 1